Summer Security Tips

 Break ins are most common during the summer, which is why it's important to make sure your home is protected.

Break ins are most common during the summer, which is why it's important to make sure your home is protected.


Most people look forward to the summer heat, and burglars are no exception.  During this time of year, crafty thieves take advantage of peoples complacency, leading to home break ins that could have been avoided.  These simple guidelines may seem obvious, but are easy to forget, and could cost you if you don't follow them:

Lock Your Windows

The higher temperatures at this time of year lead many to leave their windows open at night to keep their homes cool while saving on energy costs.  However, open windows are one of the many factors thieves search for when finding their next target, so make sure that the gap you leave isn't large enough for a potential burglar to jimmy open.  You can even make a window stop fairly easily by drilling a small hole a few inches above a closed window and inserting a small enough object to fit in the hole and prevent the window from being opened too far.

While we're on the topic of windows, another important tip is not to leave valuables near windows where they can be seen from the outside.  If a potential thief is able to see your valuable possessions, your home could become a target.

If You're Not Inside, Lock Your Home

This seems like an obvious step, but can be easily overlooked.  People often forget to lock their homes during short trips to the store, or even when they're out in the back yard doing yardwork.  Burglars are opportunists and could be in and out your front door or garage in just seconds if you're not careful, so don't let them have that chance.

Don't Post Vacation Dates Online

Wait until after your vacation to post on Facebook or other types of social media about your vacation.  If a burglar knows there won't be anyone home for a week, your house becomes an appealing target.  Only let a select few people know about your vacation beforehand, and avoid posting about it online.

And that's our list of easy security precautions to take during the summer.  If you strictly follow these guidelines, your home will be much harder for burglars to break into, and you rest a little more easily knowing that your family and your belongings are safe.