How To make Your Door Burglar Proof

 Your door is the first line of defense, so it's important to make it as secure as possible.

Your door is the first line of defense, so it's important to make it as secure as possible.


Last week we posted about measures every home owner should take to prevent break-ins during the summer months, and this week we're going to focus on your front door.  Front doors are a main focus point for potential burglars, and ensuring yours is as strong as possible is a great way to stop a thief in his tracks.  The main areas of focus when it comes to front door security is the door's material, the frame, and the lock.

Step 1: Use The Right Material

Even the strongest lock in the world won't protect your home if your door is weak.  One of the most common ways a front door is broken into is brute force, so it should be made of sturdy wood and contain little to no glass.  Choosing a door that has a solid core and can withstand harsh climates and temperatures is the way to go when it comes to home security.

Step 2:  Check Your Door Frame

Your door frame is almost as important as the door itself when it comes to securing an entrance.  The parts of your frame to keep in mind are the door jamb, door stop, and hinges.  Steel reinforcements on the jamb add an enhanced layer of security, and adding door stops will help prevent your door from being taken off the hinges.  A strong door frame makes entry by brute force even more difficult for potential thieves, so make sure yours is secure.

Step 3: Choose Strong Door Locks

The final layer of security for the front door is the lock, and the best measure to take after burglar proofing your door and your frame is to add a deadbolt.  Deadbolts are incredibly resistant to brute force, and can be made even sturdier by utilizing reinforced strike plates.  You can also buy locks that have anti-drilling, anti-bumping, anti-snapping, and anti-picking features.  

Local Locksmith Now offers lock changing services, so if you find that your door's lock isn't as secure as you'd like, call us today and we'll give you a free estimate.